Magento 2 is now heralding the next generation of e-commerce! As a new release, it covers different functions, serving and empowering retailers regarding their business to business and business to consumer needs by providing unique omnichannel shopping. There are many new enhancements in version 2, which is designed to increase retailer’s conversion rates and raise productivity thanks to its flexible platform. The software has been stripped down from its previous version and put back together again, resulting in a slicker, safer, and more user-friendly platform.

Quicker, more substantial, and more efficient

Magento 2.0 is designed to improve the shopping experience for both the customer and the retailer. A new admin panel allows retailers to be more productive by saving time on all the necessary daily tasks needed to operate a business. There’s also useful access to several key features that any business will benefit from, including analytics and marketing techniques. This allows retailers to improve their customer experience as a result of the market research they can carry out using the software. Design and build your individual customer experience, creating an engaging and seamless shopping experience through a responsive design. This will give customers shopping options they’re unlikely to encounter elsewhere.

Magento 2 Main Features

This software is created for retailers and their businesses. As the latest shopping e-commerce platform, there are numerous noteworthy features. One of these is slick performance and scalability with page load times that are 50% quicker for better performance across your whole website, including your catalogue, product and checkout areas. A slicker and quicker experience will enhance your customers’ experience, and this will have the knock on effect of increasing conversion rates. Improved payment and security is another feature, with payment now integrated with PayPal, Authorize, and Braintree, making online shopping safer than it has ever been. There’s also increased flexibility in the Magento 2 platform through a new design so that you can bring your business to life with many choices. All these features provide an engaging customer experience with a strong customer focus and a seamless performance on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Magento 2 is Easier to maintain and upgrade

Your website will always be fresh and up-to-date with Magento 2. You’ll enjoy faster business growth thanks to easy installations and simple integrations, meaning you can boost your scalability and performance. This software can help to drive rapid business growth due to its e-commerce platform that’s now more powerful than ever before. Finally, the software can be integrated with Retail Management Hero and Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System for wider options.