Hermes Corporate App for Linnworks

Hermes Corporate Linnworks App
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Seamless Integration 

Our Hermes Corporate app for Linnworks seamlessly integrates your Hermes Corporate account with Linnworks allowing you to print shipping labels right from within the Linnworks system without the need to install anything on to your PC or do any manual import/export of orders.

Fast & Efficient Printing

Because our app directly integrates with both Hermes and Linnworks, there is no waiting for files to be passed around this produces a much more rapidly label processing time and is only dependant on the Hermes API speed meaning you get your labels as quickly as possible,

fast printing
Order Details

Order Details

Using our Linnworks Hermes Corporate App, you can choose to add the order details directly on to the label making picking and packing more efficient and accurate.

International Labels

Printing international labels are fully supported by our Hermes Corporate Linnworks app, no more messing around with separate printing systems just set the international service and the labels print the same as standard services.

international compatible
User Control Panel Icon

User Control Panel

We have created a web based user control panel that allows you to reprint labels, create labels and also cancel labels. Giving you more control. Constantly developing great new features to enhance your business.

Default Weights

Don’t worry if your inventory does not have a weight set for each item, using the Hermes Corporate app you can set default weights against each shipping service within the app.