We work with a lot of Linnworks customers helping them do the initial setup, which to a lot of people can be very daunting after all Linnworks is a very complex system despite its ease of use initially it can be overwhelming to new users but you shouldn’t let this put you off. I promise it is all worth it in the end, you will look back and cherish the day you decided to start using Linnworks as you won’t be able to imagine your business running without it. So I will go through a few things that you will need to do during the initial setup and explain why they are important, this is a guide I wish I had when I was first tasked with setting Linnworks up.


Depending on how organised your current stock control is you need to look at your current processes, a lot of our customers started out small on eBay and Amazon and have already grown significantly and during this growth it’s become a game of catch-up constantly checking different sales accounts, altering stock from here to there, answering customer messages in between and finally packing and processing orders in time for the post office closing.

Well the good news is Linnworks solves all these problems and cuts the time it takes to do each of the tasks, the bad news is you need to initially invest some time into setting Linnworks up (Check out our FREE Linnworks setup package). Despite this it is worth it once complete you will wonder what to do with yourself at first.

We are going to cover the following over the next few days:

  • Adding your Stock
  • Connecting your channels
  • Setting up your shipping

Once these are setup you are ready to start using Linnworks and if you have followed my advice you will find your business will already run much smoother than ever before.

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